Lars Nørgård


The French Clot-Nection

Original color lithography signed and numbered by the artist. Printed in 20 copies on 250g BFK Rives acid-free cotton paper.

Format: 264 x 194 cm

The lithography consists of 12 sheets that are glued on canvas and varnished.

The lithographer titled The French Clot-Nection, is performed at Clot, Bramsen & George, Paris on 12 composite lithographic stones. The stones have been found specifically for the project and they have a long history in the workshop in Paris. Artists such as Degas, Cézanne, Renoir, Sisley, Redon, Bonnard, Vuillard, Signac, Munch, Rodin, Jorn, Alechinsky and many others have used the stones since their inception in 1896.

Lars Nørgård started at the beginning of September 2016 to draw and paint the first lines in black that form the basis for the rest of the work. The stones were then prepared with a mixture of gum arabic and acid so they were ready for the first pressure time in black. It then started the great work of coloring.
All stones are printed individually in the old Voirin Press, also is sample pressure mm. Performed in the old handpress as many of the above artists have also used.
In February 2017 we were up to 70 press times, and in May 2017 we reached 126 press times and the work was finished.
A work of this size should not be behind glass. Therefore, it has been decided to mount the lithography on a large canvas, which is finally being fernized so that it resists the daily influences. This work is carried out by specialists in Paris.
We have also printed a warehouse of the 12 individual stones, which are published in a cropped version and sold individually.