Gallery and lithographic workshop

Our gallery and lithographic workshop is beautifully located on Frederiksø by the harbor in Svendborg. The premises have previously housed Svendborg Shipyard and therefore exude history and the maritime environment that is characteristic of Svendborg.
The ambition with this place is to create a cultural space that both focuses on preserving and developing the old handicraft lithography and at the same time giving the users of Frederiksø artistic experiences of international class.
The gallery has changing exhibitions by the artists associated with the publisher Atelier Clot, Bramsen & Brunholt. In connection with the exhibitions, we will also arrange “talks”, where artists or other cultural personalities will talk about different themes within the art world. There will be open workshop days where interested parties can get to know the rare and exciting craft for free.

Opening hours

Thursday 13-17
Friday 13-17
Saturday 11-14

Or by appointment


Frederiksø 16A
5700 Svendborg

Tel. +45 93 20 68 50

01.06.-08.10.22 // FREDERIKSØ 16A, 5700 SVENDBORG


With a one year delay, we are now celebrating Atelier Clot’s 125th anniversary. It is marked with a unique sales exhibition with original lithographs by Pierre Bonnard, Auguste Rodin, Renoir, Asger Jorn, Man Ray, Sigmar Polke, Wallace Ting, Kurt Trampedach, Pierre Alechinsky, Antonio Saura, Tom Krøjer, Kjell Nupen, Miquel Barceló, Francisco Toledo m.fl. All works have been printed at Atelier Clot in Paris for the past 125 years. In addition, we present all our recent releases with both Danish and international artists who have been to Paris in recent years. Among other things. Martin Bigum, Anette Harboe Flensburg, Morten Schelde, Paco Pomet, Jacob Rantzau, Peter Martensen, Ole Ahlberg, Marie-Dolma Chophel, Bjørn Nørgaard, Lars Nørgård.