Paco Pomet – Éditions Petit #5


La Sangre

Original color lithography. Signed and numbered by the artist. Printed in 150 copies on 250g Rives acid-free cotton paper.
Framed in handmade frame of linden wood with inlays of ebony.

Format: 28 x 21 cm
Frame: 39 x 32 cm

Éditions Petit is a series of original lithographs in smaller formats, all printed in small editions at our lithographic workshop in Paris. Each lithograph is signed and numbered by the artist and framed in exclusive frame.

Our handmade frame is some of the finest craftsmanship you can find. The materials are carefully selected and composed so that it highlights the lithograph in the best way. The frame is made of solid linden wood with ebony inlays. The glass strip is in solid oak.

All lithographs are framed with white passepartout of acid-free paper. This avoids the lithograph coming into direct contact with the glass. Acid-free cardboard is used to prevent the vapors emitted by cheaper acid-containing cartons from destroying and degrading the lithography over time.