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Manuella Ferré

Manuella Ferré

Born in Monaco in 1978.
Manuella Ferrera began studying art in Italy at the age of fourteen at The Istituto d’Arte di Duccio by Siena Boninsegna. Later she was enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Carrara, famous for its marble quarries, where Michelangelo came from Florence to choose the material he used for so many of his masterpieces. In 2001, she studied engraving at the School of Fine Arts in Brussels. 2004, she divides her life and work between Paris and Tuscany – between city and country – two atmospheres where she is inspired to perform her sculptures colored with sadness and melancholy. In 2005, she received the Prix Georges Coulon issued by the art academies of the Institut de France in Paris. She has participated in numerous exhibitions since 1996 in Italy, France, Belgium and Japan.

Framed lithographs numbered and signed by the artist

Éditions Petit is a series of original lithographs in smaller formats, all printed in small editions at our lithographic workshop in Paris.
Our handmade frame is some of the finest craftsmanship you can find. The materials are carefully selected and composed so that it highlights the lithograph in the best way. The frame is made of solid linden wood with ebony inlays. The glass strip is in solid oak.
All lithographs are framed with white passepartout of acid-free paper.
The format of the frame is 32×39 cm – the format of the lithograph is 20×27 cm. Read more about the series here …